Our Favorite Tools Used for Setting Up at Fairs

county fairThe idea of slow food is to have food that is grown naturally and in the local area. Therefore, as a slow food stand, gathering up the food is only the half the battle. The rest comes in setting everything up. For this reason, we have a few tools that we depend on and a few even rank as our favorite tools used for setting up at fairs.

Before the Fair

When getting ready for a fair, building a new stand at every one can consume a lot of time. It is not only time consuming, but very monotonous. The routines never change. If you have a tent style or a cover, you dig the same holes and use the same stakes all the time. If you have a food truck that you take with you around the area, then you still have to set up everything in the same way that you set it up last week. This bolt needs to be tightened, this screw should be screwed, this should be hammered into place, and more. It also means that virtually everyone who works county or state fairs, spend a lot of time trying to find shortcuts to make setup faster and more efficient. For that, we are not immune, but at this time, we have found the right tools to make setup go much faster.

Our Best Tools

fairs and carnivalsWe prefer tools that offer multi-purpose uses. For instance, a screwdriver or drill with a lot of extra bits in various sizes is ideal for most any job that we are faced with, and they can be shared with others who may suddenly realize that they should have brought their own. We like kits that have shovels and other tools in them for the same reason. That is why when we wanted to find a good tool, we chose to check out the selection of hammer multi tools on BestMulti-Tool. They have the hammer tools that double as so much more, and we have managed to find a lot of uses for each and every one. As an added bonus, we have also loaned it out to others who found it useful enough that they wanted to purchase their own.

Let the Fun Commence

slow food produce standAs the fair takes place, the fun begins. Fresh food is something that everyone who attends the fair wants to find. As a slow food produce stand, we have the opportunity to meet the locals and talk about the foods that are available in their area. We can offer deals on the produce that the local farmers have sold to us at a discount since we buy in bulk from them. A common thought and conversation among us and them, is why they should turn toward fresh produce and we always point out that it is the healthiest thing that they can do for their body. Then we also tell them that by doing so, they are encouraging local farmers to continue growing fresh, chemical free, produce.