Leaders in Slow Food

locally grown foodsSlow food is a trend that has continued to grow in popularity. People promote it as a great way to encourage kids and their parents to eat healthier foods and avoid the “Junk Foods” that most of tend to eat. This can be done by avoiding fast foods, processed foods that have been soaked in fatty stuff, and more. It is done as way to promote farmers’ markets, local produce growers, and other people who work hard to keep the environment healthy. Did you know that there are also some restaurants who are turning toward slow food? They are the leaders in slow food and it doesn’t take much to see why.

Chez Panisse

chez panisseIn Berkeley California you will find this outstanding restaurant that goes way beyond the idea of fast food. They have a variety of dining choices for you to enjoy while using organic local foods and ingredients. They even have a garden that they maintain and use in their meals and some of the most popular foods include pork loin and potato croquette and huckleberry ice cream meringata.

Craft Restaurant

craft restaurantIn New York, if you want healthy restaurants, you may choose to venture to Craft Restaurant. It has been the recipient of the “Snail of Approval” award for its slow food. It is a place that uses top quality, seasonal ingredients that are picked from the farms of local vendors. Therefore, its menu is filled with fresh vegetables, potatoes, and even grains.

Local Roots

local rootsIn Roanoke Virginia, the place to eat healthy is Local Roots, which as the name implies is mostly local favorites. The restaurant is devoted to a philosophy called S.O.L.E, which means sustainable, organic, local, and ethical. It is a sentiment that reflects the belief that we eat what we do to the earth. They infuse every meal with the freshest seasonal ingredients and it even has a restaurant garden to ensure they have what is needed.