Being Heard Around the Fair

working the fairFairs are a lot of fun for people to visit, but when you spend every weekend at them, it doesn’t take long to get bored with all the noise that accompanies a fair. There is a constant chatter of people as they pass by your food stands and there are also times when people are screaming on rides. Kids run past yelling and talking really loud, sometimes screeching if something startles them. It is a challenge to talk to someone standing next to you. Therefore, all the people who work the fair, put a little extra effort into being heard around the fair.

Making Yourself Heard

fair ridesIf you run rides, chances are good, people will approach you throughout the day and night, waiting to hear what you have to say. As a food vendor, you do not have the luxury of people coming to you unless they are hungry and not everyone wants to eat since they feel that fairs are expensive. This means that you sometimes have to think outside of the box to encourage people to come to you, especially if your primary target groups are those who may want good, old fashioned, home grown produce.

Attracting the Crowd

excited fair goersCompeting with the sound of excited people is not easy. Sometimes, attracting the crowd means that you also have to make yourself mobile. We personally use a four-wheeler to ensure that we can go where we need to. It is very useful during the time before the fair when we are setting up, but recently we also discovered that it can help us be heard when we are trying to drum up some visitors to our booth. We got our speakers for four wheeler from OutdoorSpeakerSupply and when hooked up, we can make sure that we are heard loud and clear, even over the screams and laughter of teens on their most favorite thrill rides. It also allows us to go where we need to, quickly during the fair so that we do not leave our booth unprotected for very long if we have to run up to the ticket booth for something.

Pulling off a Successful Fair

For a fair to succeed, everything has to come together. They should be safe events and the people who attend it should have a great time. This takes all people who are working the fair and we must all communicate with one another to ensure that problems are handled before they become a problem. Although competing for fair goers to buy from our stand rather than others, we still work together as a group. A four-wheeler, quality speakers, and the right tools are all beneficial in ensuring that every vendor makes the most sales they can during the weekend when the fair sets up in a town near you. If these things work for us, we are sure that they can work for you as well. You simply have to decide that you want to do what it takes to make your life easier.